Artist Statement

Inspired by natural bone forms, technology trash and other found objects , I start to experiment.

The background of my sculptures is a balance between rusty old metal junk parts and the fine, fragile found natural pieces, bones specifically.
Bones are accurate. Mammals have all the same amount and form bones. Rabbit, cat, mouse, dog, all have the same bones, but different shaped. It depends, if they were runners, or jumpers, or diggers …, what their special skills were.

The rusty metal and other industrial parts are from our human culture. I like to reuse them with a new interpretation. The bones with their beauty and inherent quality are the expressively, shape giving part from the nature.

The process in my studio is experimenting with all the laid out parts. The sculptures grow out of this “display”. They develop, they grow, come alive again like a new creature…

A other aspect in most of my sculptures is lights and movements. Adding lights gives them an intensive, atmospheric expression and contrast. Lights can create a lot of tension and help to create a situational impact.

The kinetic part forces me to experiment with, and solve lots of technical aspects, before I start to build the fragile sculptures.
It is the random movements, which interest and challenge me the most. The motors have all the same speed. So the movements get their random pattern by the setup and built of the figure. Joints are build with earth magnets and springs. This allows changes in the moving pattern. It is an act of creating, with fantasy and vision. Thru try and error the creation develops to his final state.

It is always a joy and quite often a surprise how the sculptures expressions win dynamic, with the movement.

Beside this an important part of the work is the details of the figures. The form, shape, expression and the characteristics they develop when they move.

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